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Rim Lock

Main Door Locks

One of the leading Main door locks supplier in Maharashtra. Use of rim locks on thin outside doorways that aren't thick sufficient to house a mortise style lock. As they're susceptible locks—from a burglar’s perspective—you need to feature extra safety to boost the doorway doorways. Also don't forget the usage of rim locks as a part of the door fixtures in the event that they healthy your flavor and supplement the indoors design.

They are best used on the exterior doors of your home. Rim locks for door provide the privacy and some security to doors in interior areas where you require it. Security experts don't recommend using rim locks for exterior doors that can accept larger locks. Rim locks are used due to the fact that doors were thicker than 1 inch which meant they couldn't accommodate strong mortise locks. Today, the majority of doors are, however, between 1.5 to 2 inches thick. The most frequent use of the rim lock today is to provide security and privacy to internal doors. They are typically found on the bathroom doors as well as other areas where people might wish to provide an extra layer of protection and security to their home.