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Transparent Rods & Tubes

Acrylic rods & tubes have been part of a wide range of applications in industry, product design, home furnishings, and displays. Clear, lightweight acrylics enhance the beauty of any exhibit. Acrylic is easily fabricated without costly tooling charges, can be heat formed for a variety of desired effects, and is easily printed or embossed upon.


  • Acrylic Rods & Tubes are unaffected by sunlight or fluorescent lights, resist aging and maintain stability under a wide range of conditions

  • Acrylic materials weigh half as much as glass & have up to seventeen times greater impact resistance than glass.

  • Certified for food contact, these materials are odourless & tasteless.

  • Acrylic rods & tubes are easily fabricated, shatter resistant & very durable.


Colored Acrylic Rods, Clear Cast Acrylic Rods, Corner Moulding, Half Round

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