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Godown Lock Khatka 6T-SS

For Main Door ,Single Door , Iron gate.

  • Body Size -37x26

  • Finish CP/SN

  • Case Packing:20 Pcs

  • Computerised mechanism.

  • After shifting center latch upwards,you can use the rod as an Aldrop.

  • Once inside dead bolt is used to lock , even the key operation is restricted.

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Code. Outer Body Size (mm) MRP Finish Body Metal Lever/ Pin Key Type Keys No Shackle Height Standard Packing
Case Packing Qty Facility Available
0295 37X26 809.00 SS Iron 9 L Lever Key 3 K 0 1 20 common key
0429 37X26 966.00 SS Iron 9 P Computer Key 3 K 0 1 20 Computerised Key